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The Forgotten Christmas Album

In 2006, Bill released his only Christmas CD to date and gifted it to only family and friends. But it’s back for a limited time…

2022 CD Releases

On October 7th, Wynne released not one, but two CDs featuring his `ukulele and vocals. Find out how to get yours before they run out…


After some time apart, Wynne reunites with his first love: the `ukulele. And it is a match made in heaven…

25 Days of Christmas – `Ukulele Style

`Ukulele player Pete McCarty challenged his friends to post a holiday tune every day for 25 days. Wynne accepted, and for his efforts, he won a Bonanza `ukulele. 

A Historically and Culturally Important Endeavor

Ho`olohe Hou. First, it was a podcast. Then it was a blog. Then it was a weekly radio program. Then a 24-hour-a-day radio station. And, now, a full-fledged record label.

NYBG “Visions of Hawai`i” Exhibit

Wynne wraps up his 21st performance this season at the New York Botanical Gardens in honor of an exhibit featuring the island-based works of renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe…

Follow Bill on Facebook

Follow Bill to find out more about the artist – audio, video, and upcoming performances – as well as his life when he’s not making music. Creating an effective social media strategy is the most important first step for every independent musician and we cannot stress that enough. A proper social media strategy should outline […]