2022 CD Releases

On October 7th, Wynne released not one, but two CDs featuring his `ukulele and vocals. Find out how to get yours before they run out…

In honor of his 50th anniversary of picking up an `ukulele, Bill Wynne is releasing not one, but two new CDs featuring his remarkable `ukulele stylings and award-winning vocals. On these latest outings, Wynne temporarily abandons Hawaiian music for a smattering of a little bit of a variety of other genres – from standards to Broadway to Bossa Nova and even 60s and 70s pop. These simple recordings put the vocals and `ukulele out front with only a bass for accompaniment. Click here to listen to song samples and place your order now for these limited edition CDs of only 300 copies each. Order both CDs and save $3 on each title.

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