The Forgotten Christmas Album

In 2006, Bill released his only Christmas CD to date and gifted it to only family and friends. But it’s back for a limited time…

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2022 CD Releases

On October 7th, Wynne released not one, but two CDs featuring his `ukulele and vocals. Find out how to get yours before they run out…

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After some time apart, Wynne reunites with his first love: the `ukulele. And it is a match made in heaven… Read more »

Steel Guitar

He rejected the steel guitar for his first quarter century. But once he relented, Wynne developed a thoroughly Hawaiian touch on what is now one of his favorite instruments…  Read more »

Hawaiian-Style Falsetto

Listen to Bill sing in the old Hawaiian style.  Read more »

25 Days of Christmas – `Ukulele Style

`Ukulele player Pete McCarty challenged his friends to post a holiday tune every day for 25 days. Wynne accepted, and for his efforts, he won a Bonanza `ukulele.  Read more »

A Historically and Culturally Important Endeavor

Ho`olohe Hou. First, it was a podcast. Then it was a blog. Then it was a weekly radio program. Then a 24-hour-a-day radio station. And, now, a full-fledged record label. Read more »

A Tribute To A Hawaiian Music Legend

Wynne presented a tribute to his friend, Hawaiian music icon Genoa Keawe, in honor of her 100th birthday.   Read more »

NYBG “Visions of Hawai`i” Exhibit

Wynne wraps up his 21st performance this season at the New York Botanical Gardens in honor of an exhibit featuring the island-based works of renowned artist Georgia O’Keeffe… Read more »

Preserving Hawaiian Music

Check out Ho`olohe Hou Radio, Bill’s unique station dedicated to preserving the Hawaiian music of yesteryear…

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