The Forgotten Christmas Album

In 2006, Bill released his only Christmas CD to date and gifted it to only family and friends. But it’s back for a limited time…

November 2006 – It was a very difficult time. I was between marriages and struggling to make ends meet. So like “The Little Drummer Boy,” I had no gift to bring. So I went to my closest and dearest family and friends and asked them what their favorite holiday songs were. And I went into my home recording studio – nearly down for the count with the flu – to record an album. Beginning around Thanksgiving and working 14-16 hours a day for a mere nine days, I had recorded a whopping 17 songs – a free gift but one made with love. Hence, the title:

My Christmas Gift

Approximately three dozen people on the planet have a copy of that CD (every copy burned on my studio PC). It was never intended for wider distribution.

December 2023 – The overwhelming response to my offerings for the Christmas Countdown Ukulele Challenge on Facebook has prompted me to gift these recordings to a wider audience. In 2006 I never imagined that someday a medium would exist to share this music with the world or that I would have made so many friends who were eager to hear it. So here it is nearly in its entirety (save for one song that was so terrible I swore that nobody would ever hear it again, and I’m sticking to that). This is my gift to my myriad friends who have encouraged me and spurred me on to greater heights through the Christmas Countdown Ukulele Challenge. Because of my feelings about these recordings (the perfectionist in me knows where every gaff is here), the imperfect vocals (did I mention I had the flu?), and the slipshod manner in which they were recorded (using a $99 multitrack software package and a $100 microphone), they will likely disappear again when this holiday season is over. So I hope you can find time to enjoy these recordings in the near future before… Poof!

Clicking on the first song should play all the tracks continuously in order, or you can feel free to jump around to check out your favorites.

Thank you so much for your unconditional support. Wishing you a season filled with love, laughter, and all the joy your heart can hold…

Gratefully and humbly,

Bill Wynne






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