The Kickstarter Project

Bill at Hanaiakamalama 5J Mini

Bill Wynne finally looks forward to recording a new solo Hawaiian album… 

In an era when it is nearly impossible for a musician to be “discovered,” many have turned to producing and releasing their own work. While the digital era has made it easier to accomplish this, it has not made the investment any less substantial. Like many artists, Wynne is turning to crowdsourcing site Kickstarter to fund his next CD release. If you have never heard of Kickstarter, perhaps now is the time to discover the power of crowdsourcing in order to help escalate Wynne to the next phase of his musical life.

Bill is offering a number of premiums for your investment – from downloads/CDs of the new release to a performance in your own home. At the very least you will be an “early adopter” of his new release – receiving the download or CD weeks before it is publicly available and at no more than its retail value. Think of it as pre-ordering the album! Your credit card is not charged unless Bill achieves his Kickstarter goal. Otherwise, you pay nothing. In the likely event that he achieves his goal, however, the hard part is up to him: recording the album. He has already selected and arranged the songs. Of course, he has! This project has been a long time coming. Some of his fans think it is at least 20 years overdue.

By committing to Wynne’s Kickstarter campaign, you can show your support of his nearly four decades of efforts in preserving and performing Hawaiian music. If you have ever believed in Bill and his music, perhaps you, too, will consider investing in his future.

More information to follow…

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