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Check out Ho`olohe Hou, Bill’s blog dedicated to preserving the Hawaiian music of yesteryear…

In January 2006, Bill launched a weekly podcast featuring rare and out-of-print classics from his vast collection of Hawaiian music. The show, entitled Ho`olohe Hou (which is Hawaiian meaning “to listen again”) had a small but loyal following. But by August 2006, Bill caught the attention of a 24-hour-a-day Internet-based Hawaiian radio station, 50th State Radio, which partnered with Bill to turn his modest podcast into a weekly radio show with a much broader audience. For two hours every Sunday, Bill shared with thousands of listeners the evolution of Hawaiian music – the artists, the composers, the instruments, the influences, the various elements that when combined result in this unique indigenous art form. The program was unique, too, in that it is possibly the first endeavor in Hawaiian music “edutainment.” But the program was short-lived since 50th State Radio met an untimely end with the too soon passing of its owner/station manager.

Bill has since revived the show as an occasional blog. To learn about the evolution of Hawaiian music over the last 100 years and to learn about Hawai`i-born entertainers who made it big around the globe, visit the Ho`olohe Hou blog or subscribe to Ho`olohe Hou on Facebook to receive an update whenever there is a new post.

Wynne continues to search for a new home for his unique radio program. If you know an outlet which may potentially be interested in such a show, contact Bill at the email address or telephone numbers here.

(NOTE: Because some shows have been archived, some audio links may be inactive. To hear an archived program, send a request to Bill at

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